I am a tiny face in the sea of web presences. I work outside the IT industry in a vaguely IT-related job but I’m not a web designer, a computer engineer or a programmer. In the corporate environment I’m more a user than a developer — but let’s not talk about corporate or work.

I built this website myself, the colophon gives more details. I’m not a better or worse webmaster because of that, I just am. I’m better than most of my friends and family; but compared with the online world at large I struggle to reach intermediate level.

I’m interested in the usual — reading, writing, photography, travelling, food, cooking — and the website contents reflect that.

  • home — currently redirects to the blog
  • quiet — the traditional blog part of the website, with longer posts, travelogue and technical stuff
  • words — my writing is primarily fiction with almost 90% fanfiction. The usual disclaimers apply for fanfic
  • pictures — I’ve always taken pictures at an amateur level. I enjoy it, though I’m not serious in terms of technical ability
  • places — travelling is one of those “just is” things for me. I love it, sometimes it frustrates me, but I always go back to it
  • taste — cooking is the great leveler, I think. It’s a rare person who doesn’t like food. I’m a competent cook — surprisingly given my science background I don’t cook with exact recipes. It’s the part where I feel i can be a little creative

What else about me that’s not covered by the faq or 100 things.
… 100% introvert
… my room can be described as organised clutter
… a fairly logical thinker
… I’m not in touch with my emotions
… but I’m affectionate and skeptical
… I hate hot weather
… I have warm fingers
… I’m a pure dork

I’m a writer, an organiser, a friend of a few, a skeptic, a believer, a manager, a colleague, a mentor, arrogant, anal, grumpy, helpful, non-judgmental, accepting, invisible …

… and no, I will not tell you my real name.

here's 25 currently relevant tidbits about me

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Here’s 25 tidbits about me.

recently travelling, reading
looking forward end of allergy season
in my pocket lip balm, ricola, camera
gadget desktop usb fan
new on idevice books, meditation app, run zombies all access season pass

stress level keep waking up in the middle of the night
running one year to train #chimarathon
location hiding at parents’ place
last vacation bbmm tokyo, seoul
bbmm happy, worried, want to be supportive

food giant mangos, giant peaches
drink water, more water
transport walking
books finished 101 books task
entertainment GBBO, masterchef, grand designs

kit indoors t-shirt and shorts
net citizen i did not do the ice bucket challenge
colour grey
covet quiet, countryside house with no neighbours
obsession challenges: 30in30, 101 in 1001

freesquare there are things to do by year end
like travel planning
hate pollution
daydreaming buy an island
smell heavy, muggy air