January 2004 Archives

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no of swatches 137
to do list sort pictures, fix closet door handles, get a health checkup
unusual possession the totally bogus “I crossed the Equator” certificate
in my backpack iPod, new shades
on the iPod Hoobastank, Travis

stress level like a condemned prisoner waiting for the day
relax daydream
city London
last vacation safari in Kenya, spa in Bangkok
love of my life so much yearning in my heart it hurts

food anything simple and not meat
drink apple juice, grape juice
transport bus
books I must go to the library more often
film RotK, what else

kit chunky Timberland boots
what type gloves fingerless so I can use the mouse
color riding crop
covet writer’s vocabulary
obsession I have another couple of stories swirling about in my head

freesquare buffalo, zebra, wilderbeest, waterbuck, elephant, giraffe
like colorful Masai costumes, crisp dewy air at 6am, sitting on the front row of the plane
hate haggling, being hassled to buy, pollution, dust
daydreaming the few scenes I remember most keep replaying in my mind
smell bread baking