March 2004 Archives

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no of swatches 138
to do list plants in window box, renew subscriptions
unusual possession bagful of noodles in the living room
in my backpack iPod, 3 pens, bottle of water
on the iPod Robert Cray, maroon5

stress level keeping busy, busy keeps the mind from drifting
relax writing
city Singapore
last vacation safari in Kenya, spa in Bangkok
love of my life 2 out of 7 is not enough

food fruit salad with plain yogurt, mashed potatoes, carrot soup
drink soya milk, chocolate milk
transport bus
books all gone electronic
film strangely, none

kit new navyboot shoes
adidas, nike or reebok the big swoosh
color beige
covet writer’s vocabulary
obsession long, epic fics that keeps me reaing till 2am

freesquare time passes so quickly, I keep my mind blank
like being on the phone for 1.5 hours watching tv together, new sheets, new flowers, new shoes
hate people who stand in the way of change, weather too damp for clothes to dry properly
daydreaming there’s a long way to go till a happy ending
smell fizzy water