May 2004 Archives

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no of swatches 138
to do list pay bills, put pictures up on walls, plants
unusual possession double sided lightsaber
in my backpack powerbook, ixus
on the iPod omwf soundtrack

stress level I know I need to get all this stuff done, but I don’t have the motivation
relax no one else is around
city Singapore
last vacation Tokyo
love of my life I can’t say those little words and it bothers me

food fruit salad, roast chicken, cherry tomato, rocket
drink soya milk, lime joice, apple juice with aloe vera
transport bus & walking
books I want to read the classics again
film van helsing

kit red polo shirt, red camper shoes, red swatch
cash, shares or bonds cash but should be stocks
color red
covet new ixus, CSS book
obsession cleaning up the code

freesquare it’s not hard to get used to a hotel room
like free time, own free time, my own free time
hate big egos, people who don’t line up, crowds
daydreaming skin, more skin, more skin on skin
smell roasting chicken