January 2005 Archives

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no of swatches 142, I think
to do list get new plants, check outside wall for leak
unusual possession   faery lights in the living room
in my backpack book, pencils, ixus
on the iPod some new stuff, but not a lot

stress level new year, more travelling
relax formatting blink
city Zurich
last vacation Zurich, Zermatt, Alsace, London
love of my life watches TV while I powerbook

food vegetables, dried seaweed
drink concentrated prune juice
transport walking
books blink, graphic novels
film french film festival

kit thick coat
blanket or duvet duh, duvet
color blue
covet readership
obsession my own writing: blink, common areas

freesquare where were we during the disaster?
like blue
hate pink
daydreaming lamplight
smell warm