April 2005 Archives

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no of swatches 149, of which 3 I wear
to do list get plants, look at crack in bathroom
I own more cushion covers than cushions
in my backpack book, paper, pens, passport
on the iPod you mean the shuffle I’m seriously considering buying?

stress level flying around, setting up new entity
relax being onine
city Sydney, Brisbane
last vacation Taipei
love of my life we’re going away again

food dried seaweed, anchovy biscuits
drink tea
transport plane
books To Say Nothing of the Dog
film Sideways

kit hovering between coat and no coat
reality tv TAR, Survivor
color black
covet see above re: iPod shuffle
obsession more writing

freesquare old styled CD players can’t play mp3 files
like reading, writing
hate noise, smell
daydreaming going away
smell dry air