September 2008 Archives

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flickr 5,193 photos, 6,846 views
to do list get prepared for nano
I have books to read but I keep re-reading old ones
in my backpack motrin, cancelled e-ticket, notebook
new on iTunes not listening to music

stress level very high
relax no talking weekend
city chicago
last vacation hokkaido
love of my life back this weekend

food roasted butternut squash, carrots, chickpeas, tahini dressing
drink blueberry pomegranate juice
transport nothing
books re-reading oldies
film should have been x-files 2

kit nano 10th anniversary t-shirt
memes 6 word novels
color grey
covet retirement
obsession 101.1001

freesquare a published author agreed with me
like the prospect of cooler weather
hate smog, noise
daydreaming vacation
smell air-conditioner