December 2008 Archives

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flickr 5,401 photos, 7,483 views
to do list buy stuff, organise move, try not to panic before moving
in my backpack e-ticket, moving notebook, environmentally friendly shopping bag, iPod, camera
gadget earbuds for ipod, crazy taxi game for PSP
new on iTunes kanye, ne-yo, britney and jd’s band

stress level i’m the human rms, i’m flying on sunday, i haven’t started moving … what stress lol
running i can do 6, 8, 10k easy now. 8.8km/hr — need to work on speed
city chicago
last vacation hokkaido, seems so long ago
love of my life what to do, i’m leaving again

food turkey leftovers
drink hot coke with lemon and ginger
transport walking
books sci-fi, fantasy disguised as regular romances
film whatever was on the plane

kit i can get into my old 501s again, woot
net citizen omg i’m on facebook
color black
covet time to organise my life
obsession the move

freesquare met a fb friend who likes katherine kerr *and* ivy
like getting into the running routine
hate the uncertainty of our future
daydreaming we both end up with jobs in london
smell cold weather